anonymous surfing software AndroidThe threat of hackers and identity theft is increasing at a very fast rate this is why in order to remain protected anonymous surfing software for Androids has become a necessity for many Android smartphone users. People who do have such protective software installed on their phones while accessing the internet from public wifi or other shared internet areas remain vulnerable to hacker attacks and can have their sensitive information stolen and used against them.

By surfing the web anonymously an Android user can ensure his safety on the internet and can keep off the threat of a hacker intercepting the communications taking place in between the user and an accessed website.

VPNs are anonymous surfing software for Androids that can enable an Android user in surfing the web on his mobile without getting detected by anyone. The VPN hides the original IP address of the user and instead gives him a different IP address. This way the identity of the user on the network is changed and his original IP address is never revealed on the network. Any hacker who is trying to access the information about an Android user will try to get hold of the IP address first but if the IP address is masked or is hidden by the VPN then he will not be able to hack that user.

VPN AndroidVPNs not only provide an alternate IP address to a user they also employ various security protocols to keep the data transferred over the internet strictly private. The employment of data encryption and tunneling techniques allows a VPN to create a safe passageway for a user over a public network through which the user can access any website without having any fear of a third party listening in on his conversations. It is for this reason that the VPNs are considered as the safest anonymous surfing software for Androids. Moreover, the VPNs are dependable as well and can be relied upon at all times.

Besides providing security a VPN can also gain an Android user access to many restricted and banned websites in the world. By masking the original IP address of the user the VPN can enable him to bypass all the restrictions cast on the viewing of some websites such as Hulu and Netflix. Both these websites only allow American IP address holders to access their servers. The VPN by providing the user a US IP address allows him to access these websites even when he is not present in the United States.

Anonymous IP Address AndroidThe one problem that Android users might have to encounter is that the Android handsets can only run VPNs on PPTP or L2TP protocols. In countries where these two protocols are banned like in China the Android users will not be able to use a VPN on their Android smartphones.

However, by installing a replacement firmware like CyanogenMod an Android user can run VPN on his smartphone on the OpenVPN protocols as well. Thus, if you are in China and want to use a VPN which is an anonymous surfing software for Androids, then get the CyanogenMod firmware now.  Web based proxies are also an option because they don’t require any installation.

Best Anonymous Surfing Software Service Providers For Android Devices

If you want use anonymous surfing software, you should have trust in your VPN service.  Of course, trust comes with years of experience, which you might not have.  I do however, so I’ve featured three services that I trust, and highlighted some of the things that makes them stand out from other VPN services.



PureVPN AndroidThis is a great service for Android users because they have PPTP and L2TP VPN plans.  They also offer a 3 day trial account which is popular and unique among VPN services. This makes it very cost effective for someone traveling who needs a VPN service for a very short period of time.  Live support is nice of course, and they offer dedicated IP addresses and a ‘lite’ account with a 30 GB per month limit.  You’re probably not going to be downloading torrents on your Android device, so this may be a good way to save yourself some cash.

>>>>> Details at the official PureVPN website


Hide My Ass

HideMyAss AndroidHMA is where the savings are at, and if you sign up for a year of service you pay only $6.55 per month, which is an awesome price, especially for OpenVPN users.  You CAN download torrents over their servers, there’s unlimited bandwidth, free server switching, and 30 different countries to choose from. You can also choose VPN servers based on how many users are signed in, ensuring that you always get the fastest connection possible.  HMA has a huge user base, and a 30 day money back guarantee.

>>> Details at the official HideMyAss website



12VPN AndroidAnother great service for anonymous surfing, 12VPN supports more devices than most VPN services, and for a US IP package, you pay only $79 per year.  Custom VPNs and upgrades are available, so contact their support team if you know what you’re looking for and don’t see it on their site.  There are lots of options not listed.  If you are just looking for a reliable service and an easy to install VPN, they do that too.  The standard VPN package they offer will be sufficient for 90% of users.

>>> Details at the official 12VPN website



SecuriTales AndroidWant to surf anonymously with no software download? While there are some drawbacks to using a proxy service, like no torrents, no access to Hulu/Netflix, and a downgrade for anonymity, proxies still appeal to meany users. No installation means you can access your anonymous surfing browser anywhere, and you’ll save a couple dollars a month.

>>> Details at the official SecuriTales website


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